My husband and I had the good fortune to inherit Deep Blue Pool Services when we moved into a new home last year.  We consider ourselves lucky to have this service; they are always timely, do a great job of keeping the pool clean, have given advice regarding the pool equipment and just generally keep an eye out so we don’t run into any problems.  I highly recommend them. 

-Kay L. Tyler

Deep Blue Pool Services has provided us with excellent pool service for many years. The staff is always prompt, professional and knowledgeable and our pool has never looked better!  We will continue to recommend them to our family and friends. 

-The Rosenes

We have a pool that I had maintained myself for over 10 years. After some winters of Algae growth, I reached out to Jim on the recommendation of a friend and have been very pleased since. Jim has worked on our pool for about 6 months now. He is regular, arrives on time, doesn’t miss any weeks, and takes care of all aspects of the pool diligently. Our pool has been clean and great ever since Jim has maintained it. We are very happy with his service.  

-Manish Agrawal 

Deep Blue Pool Services has been a very reliable pool service for a long time. They go beyond your typical pool service, willing to help with pool problems not falling into their contracted services. It’s the only pool service we have had, and I believe the only one we will need. 

-Ray S. 

We have been a customer of Deep Blue Pool Services for more years than I can remember. Previously we tried quite a few companies with little or no success in service. When we started with Deep Blue, I can honestly tell you we have had no complaints at all. They are dependable, and thoroughly efficient at their work. Always keep us up on any possible problem that they see and have helped us keep our pool up to date with maintenance or equipment. We feel very blessed to have found them and would recommend them to everyone who has a pool.


We have been using Jim to take care of our pool for a long time and in all these years, I’ve never had to worry about the condition of the pool. He keeps it crystal clear and immaculate. I’m glad he is now stepping up to provide other services related to maintenance of the equipment. Finding vendors who are reliable and trustworthy seems to be a herculean task these days. Keep up the good work Jim!


Deep Blue Pool Services has serviced our pool since day 1 and ensured our pool was operating effectively and even trained us on some of the features of our pool equipment. Their staff is always friendly, prompt and always willing to do an emergency service for pool accidents without delay. I highly recommend the Deep Blue Pool Services team!


Since Jim Cross has taken over the business several years ago he has always taken great care of our pool. Whenever something needed special attention he always lets me know and gets my approval for anything like filters or seals that need replacement. Also often has a biscuit for my dog haha.


I’ve been a customer of Deep Blue Pool Service since March, 2019. Jim does an outstanding job servicing our pool on a weekly basis. It’s clean, sparkling and perfect to swim in any time we are ready . Jim has an eye for detail and is so friendly (our pups LOVE Jim’s weekly visit with a treat and pet) and is always reliable! We love our pool, thanks to Jim!


I have used Deep Blue Pool Services for many years and have never had a problem with my pool. When we recently sold our home and moved to a new home, not only did we ask DBPS to service our new pool, but we confidently referred DBPS to the new owners of our old home. Jim and his crew are efficient, courteous, and always available if you have a question.